Call Girl

“Hello, may I speak to a Mr. L. Finegold, please?” Deb put on her best polite voice.

“Speaking.” The voice on the other end sounded annoyed already.

“Hello, Mr. Finegold, I’m calling on behalf of The Bank of Saskatchewan-”

Click. Mr. L. Finegold hung up.

Deb, undeterred, made another call from the list provided her from her computer screen. Deb was in a large office with 100 other callers all trying to get their six respondents every two hours. Deb had gotten four. She had another twenty minutes to get the other two.  “Hello, may I speak to a Mr.-”

Click. Company rules say you have to call back if they don’t hear what you’re calling for. Deb hated calling back. The people that answered the callbacks were always the angriest, most bitter-tongued people.

“Hello, may I speak to a Mr. L. Fitts?”

“What?” The voice spat.

“Hello, Mr. Fitts, I’m calling on behalf of The Bank of-”

“Didn’t I just hang up on you, you fucking piece of worthless slut shit? What are you, retarded? What are you calling me back for, you fucking retarded loser? Got nothing better to do with your life than harass people in their homes? Don’t you know how pathetic you are? How worthless you are to society? You are the lowest parasite on the shit of humanity, do you know that? I bet you’re so ugly you had to quit being a whore and do this job so no one can see your ass-face! You are making money sucking the farts off the shit of humanity, and I bet you’re not even making very good money, are you, you worthless little puddle of shit? And still, you choose to do this job, calling people, harassing them, well, you can go to hell! I’m sure there’s a special place in hell for people like you, a place where you’ll spend the entire Afterlife, making calls to other people in hell who will tell you how you are the lowest, most despicable minion in all of hell! Go fuck yourself!”


Deb took a deep breath, knowing she had to call back, because she still had not stated what bank she was calling for. She paused for a moment to wonder if it was worth it. Then she thought of how all her calls are monitored and then she thought of her apartment and the rent due Tuesday then she drew another deep breath, picked up the phone and plastered a smile on her face and gave Mr. P. Fitts another call.


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