I Smell Burnt Toast

I gave the toast at my niece’s wedding tonight. It went like this:

Jessica invited me to give the toast on marriage and I am a good choice, cause I’m thirty-six and single. I respect the institution too much to enter it. I am sure if I ever set foot in it, they would throw me out, because I have never met someone like they’ve found each other. Tagore said: Each new baby proves that God has not lost faith in humanity. And each new marriage proves humanity hasn’t lost faith in love. A toast to the bride and groom and love. To love!

Then I drank alone, wondering why the wedding suddenly tasted like a funeral.


One thought on “I Smell Burnt Toast

  1. Anonymous

    Never give up on love!
    You can find it where you least expect it!
    Do not allow your past to ruin your present and leave you with no future!


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