Nude Beach

Jim had never felt so uncomfortable in his bathing suit. It was because everyone else around him was in their birthday suits. Jim was the only one wearing anything but a smile on this nude beach. Jim wasn’t smiling. He was trying to keep an eye on his girlfriend, while ogling a woman across from him doing a crossword. It was tough to keep an eye on all eyes watching his girlfriend, while checking out the beautiful Asian woman, probably Filipino, perhaps Paupa New Guinean, Jim could only guess. She was beautiful, of that he was sure.

So was his girlfriend, Sandra. In Jim’s view, Sandra was the most beautiful woman on the beach; that’s why he kept looking around at all the other men to see how many were ogling her. Most guys were quick to look away as soon as Jim caught their eyes, still, he caught dozens of naked men checking out his naked girlfriend. He had never felt so naked and exposed himself, the only person on the entire nude beach wearing a frown and bathing suit. He had to get them out of there.

“I’m getting hungry, you getting hungry?”

“No, we ate before we came, I’m fine. In one more hour, I’m going swimming.”

“One more hour? We’re staying that long?”

“I want to go swimming, and I just ate-”

“You ate two hours ago.”

“It takes three hours to digest.”

Jim realised he was so obsessed getting them off that beach, that he was willing to risk his girlfriend’s life to do it. “Why don’t you just go swimming now, if you want to go, then we’ll go.”

“You’d feel more comfortable if you took your suit off.”

“No, I’m good.”

“Really? You look tense. You shouldn’t be tense on a beach.”

“Maybe because it’s because I want to go.”

“Ok, ok, we’ll go. But, can we wait a bit longer for my food to digest? I really want to go swimming. You’re coming, too.”

“I don’t want to go swimming, and who’ll watch our stuff?”

“Our stuff’s fine. We’re going swimming. That’s why you go to beaches, to go swimming.”

“I’m ready to swim now, let’s get it over with.”

“Get it over with? Swimming is not something to get over with. Swimming is fun. I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable here, Sweetheart, so we’ll go, but, let’s first go swimming, K?”

“Ok.” Jim could never win this kind of argument with Sandra. These kind of arguments about staying and going always went Sandra’s way.

“Ok, let’s go.” Sandra stood up for all the beach to see her nakedness. Jim blushed brightly enough for both of them. He resisted a mad urge to grab a towel and wrap it around her. He stood up, too, feeling every eye on both their bodies. He felt embarrassed because she was naked, and just as embarrassed because he was not. 

Jim started wishing he, too, was naked. Being the only one without genitalia exposed was getting to be too much to bear, not to be bare stark raving naked like everyone else on this naked beach. He remembered it had been his idea to come here, and how the thought of public nudity had sounded like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

‘Why am I so shy?’ He wondered, putting his hands to the waist of his navy blue bathing suit. He gave the beach a cursory 360 degree scan and saw no one staring. The gorgeous woman across from him was deep into her crossword, paying him no attention.

He dropped his shorts and stood there feeling the light breeze against his penis. He slightly shuddered, half in pleasure, half in fear, for here he was facing the nightmare of being naked in front of strangers. He took Sandra’s hand. “Let’s go,” he said, leading them to the sea, so that its skin could cover their own. And when the first wave hit his skin, he wondered if he was experiencing a reverse sense of evolution.


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