“Be like the rose that gave fragrance to the hand that crushed it.”

                                                                                                          – Nimesh, my guru.

If he didn’t catch her, she would fall to her death. When falling out of a twenty story window, someone’s going to die. Usually it’s the someone who falls, unless they hit someone on the ground. Gord let this thought pass and bent his knees, cradling his arms to catch the baby. Smoke was pouring out the woman’s apartment, the mother and baby trapped on the balcony.

Gord motioned with his arms raised skyward that he was ready to catch the baby.

Natalie couldn’t see the man motioning below. The tears like the smoke were too thick. She said a prayer, held her baby girl to her chest.

“Dear God, please be her wings and her arms below.” She dropped her daughter twenty stories.

Gord had paid his way through college on his football scholarship. Though, he never made pro, he had set his school’s single season record for catches. No catch, not even the one that won his state championship mattered more. He wouldn’t notice his arm was broken till handing the baby girl to the paramedic.

Natalie was overwhelmed with smoke, and climbed up on the balcony’s railing.

Gord could see the mother ready to jump, postioning herself on the railing. She bent her knees.

“Dear God, I now ask you to be my wings and arms.”

She jumped. 

The pain in his broken arms was no match for Gord’s sense of duty. Only today did he know his reason for living and it was to die to keep a mother with her baby. And though Natalie had thrown herself a wide right, still Gord managed to get in position. It was the first big catch he ever dropped, though, the impact of his arms and chest helped deaden the fall and Natalie would live to see her daughter grow up to resent her.


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