The Other Judas

Did you know of Jesus’s twelve apostles, two were named, Judas? Must suck to be the other one, trying to get work as an apostle after that.

Prospective Employer:  Name?

The Other Judas:  Judas, son of James.

P.E:  Have you ever worked as an apostle before?

The Other Judas:  I spent a few years as apostle to Jesus of Nazareth.

P.E:  Wait. You’re that Judas? No, we’re looking for someone we can trust.

The Other Judas:  No, no, I’m not-

P.E:  Interview over! Interview over! Get the hell out!

The Other Judas:  No, listen to me, that was Judas Iscariot! I’m Judas son of James!

P.E:  You’re a son of a bitch, is who you are!  I’d contact your past employer for a reference, but, oh no, your past employer got nailed to a cross cause you sold him out for some silver. 

The Other Judas: Really, that was-

P.E: Get out, before I nail you to a cross!

     Judas, son of James, would never again get work as an apostle. Instead, he would take up work as an amateur shepherd, cause no one would pay him to watch those sheep, either.


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