The Great Mystery of My Life (Part II)

It’s about six months later and we’re in the dead of winter. One of my favorite games as a kid was to get chased out of the private golf course tucked away on the other side of the barbedwire fence, through a thick of trees and bog. We never let these things get in the way of a good time, sneaking into the Hunt Club clubhouse and getting chased back to the safety of the trees. Like I wrote in Part I, I was a pretty fast little runner, and I loved to test it at all times. I lost my share of races, but, I never got caught running away from that golf course. A few close calls, but, no one from the gardiner, to any of the golfers, could ever lay their hands on me.

This golf course, The Toronto Hunt Club, is located on top of the cliff where we had run from the naked man’s cronies.

This January, Evan and I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to sneak through the hole in the fence and slip into the Hunt Club and see what goes on in a golf course covered in snow. Turns out, not much. Evan and I wander around the clubhouse looking for somebody to chase us. At the back, by the parking lot, we see a man sitting on a couch, feet up, watching tv. Evan and I pound on the window to get his attention. The man is up in a flash and running for the door.

Running past the pro-shop I see the same baby blue Chevrolet I had seen the previous summer. And, bang! Out of the pro-shop comes the white man who had given the box to the naked man.

Our eyes lock. He recognizes me and now the race is on. Evan and I are sprinting hellbent for the cliff. The two men are gaining, very close. Evan and I throw ourselves over the cliff, ten meters into a snowbank. The two men pull up at the lip of the cliff and watch these two boys scurry for their lives.

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you how this is connected to everyone from Brian Mulroney to Margret Thatcher to Helmut Kohl to Ronald Reagan.


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