We Are Our Inventions

You can get a really good sense of who we are by our inventions: bulletproof glass, text messaging, nuclear bomb. We don’t like each other very much, do we? Seems like every invention is designed to keep us the hell apart.

If people were an element, we’d be water. If society is to be defined by an invention, we are the condom. The condom cause it’s built to protect us from each other, densensitizing us, saving us from a secret we might not know we’re carrying, engaged in the very act that has inspired more song, dance, and poetry than all others put together.

It protects us from the very dance that keeps the species going; this is the invention that stops us from making any more of us, and in the end, we all get screwed. But, we’d be more screwed without it.

The condom: the sperm catching catch 22.


                                                                       Does the medium pick its creator

                                                                       or, is it the other way around?

                                                                       Technology’s turned traitor

                                                                       we can’t hear at the speed of sound.


            And now it’s time to reveal yesterday’s mystery punchline. Thank you to all who wrote in their punchlines. The winning punchline comes from, Anonymous. Congratulations, Anonymous!

                           What do you call an Italian guy from Newfoundland who drinks a lot?

                            An alcoholic!


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