Don’t Fear the Future, It Fears You More

You made it! Congratulations and Happy New Year! Welcome to the party!

I just uncorked some champagne, let me pour you some good cheer!

Let’s drink to life!

To life! 

Every New Years Eve is like entering a birth canal with no guarantee we’re gonna come out the other side.

Celebrate you were reborn tonight! 

New Years Eve has us looking in every direction at once, like Lord Brahma of four faces.

The past has the present’s number and tonight she called, leaving the past reminiscing with itself in what it mistook as the present, which is one syllable away from catching the future by the tail, spinning it around and asking it what the hell it knows about tomorrow.

Ever sat scanning the faces of all the murder victims of the city,

recognizing them all as you?

Heard the newsman say: “As of today, December 31, 2010, Toronto sits at 60 murders.”

                                                                                                                        Sits at 60 murders.

The murder rate is reported like it’s the weather:

“Toronto’s temperature sits at a balmy plus eight today, and the murder rate sits at a bloody plus sixty. Might wanna go with the light bulletproof jacket, if venturing out today. And that’s the weather and murder, back to you, Carol and Tom!”

A guest to the city asked me about the crime and murder statistics.

When I told him Toronto averages 59 murders a year, he said,

“Oh, that’s so good! So low for a city this size, only 59 murders?”

Only 59 murders? Murder isn’t a word that can follow only.

We’re so much bigger than our vocabulary, though, we’re defined by it.

We’re so much bigger than a year, though, we map history by it.

I’m happy you’re here reading this.

Welcome to a new year.

Let’s make some good history.


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