The Drop

“What- what’s happening? Where? How? Holy-”

“It’s time,” a voice softer than the cloud whispered.

“Time for-” he dropped. “Ahhhhhhhhh! OH MY GOD! Help me! Ahhhhhhhh!”

The drop dropped, wet within its own skin, surrounded by billions of its brethren. Most were screaming themselves stupid, too. The ground was still too far to see, but, the drop felt it there, beneath him and gaining fast. It hurt to scream, but, the drop couldn’t think of anything better to do. He knew he wouldn’t survive the fall, and felt cheated that as soon as it had been given consciousness and existence, it was set swirling into this helpless freefall towards an imminent splash. There was no way to renegotiate a better deal in life. There was only now; the fall and the ground he could sense, but, still not see. The drop thought it would be a good idea to scream louder.

“Hey! Shut up, wouldya? You’re raining on my fall!” A drop, falling in a hammock yelled over at him.

“Why are you so relaxed? We’re falling to our deaths here!”

“Are we dead yet? Come on, enjoy it! This is great!” The drop in the hammock let out a hearty, “yahooo!” and fell past the frightened drop, who was wishing he was having that much fun, too.

‘That sure looks more enjoyable than screaming my watery lungs out like the rest of these idiots. hmm…’

He laid back, tucking his arms behind his head and enjoyed the ride till he splashed into the collected blood of his fallen brethren in a thirsty field of corn.


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