Waking to the Smell of Bacon (None for You)

Like the Tao, it’s all in there.

Like Google, it’s all in there.

Google the Tao


Tao the Google,

it’s all in there.

Like a messy room is not messy if it’s exactly how you want it.

Like decorating the set to the final act of Hamlet,

you want the dead bodies;

please don’t clean, the audience needs to see this.

What’s a tragedy without a little blood? What’s a life without a little death?

And with the breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery, Frankenstein is now beautiful

way more beautiful than Dr. Frankenstein who looks a monster next to his creation.

And her fake breasts will get her whatever she wants till they spring a leak and poison seeps

into the spaces the compliments could never get at.

Like killing the clock doesn’t kill time and dreaming of waking up

and going to work will get you fired,

it’s all in there,

still life moving very fast

and finally we have time to be depressed.


It’s all in there

in a pill-sized breakfast

we swallow getting only the side effects

while starving for bacon and eggs.


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