Thoughts an Hour Shy of 36

Birthdays are the meridians of life.

Still, time is malleable,

time can be remapped, rediscovered.

You know when you’re born in Korea, you’re already 1 year old?

If I think turning 36 sucks, now on the dark side of 40,

imagine if I were a Korean,

I’d already be 37 and in a month, at New Years, I’d be 38

cause Koreans all turn a year older together, every New Year.

Doing Korean math, a baby could conceivably be born Dec. 30,

and two days later find himself entering his terrible twos,

wondering where the hell his babyhood had gone.

It was quite a shock to get on an airplane at 24 in Bangkok

and get off the airplane 6 hours later in Korea and find I’m 26.

Time literally flew by

it flew by 2 years in 6 hours.

But, really, what’s the difference now, an hour shy of 36,

to think yesterday I was 24,

getting on an airplane, resetting my watch from Thai time to

Korean, with the good faith I wasn’t going to crash land face first

into a mirror ten years later,

trading metal wings for crow’s feet.


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