Oh, Canada

Canada is my home and native land

where ‘eh’s a question, not a vowel.

Where we pray in prairies that are grand

with Winnipeg where wicked wind will howl.

Hockey’s our national passion

we like to watch it for the fights.

Staying warm is our best fashion

cause, summer’s a luxury, not a right.

This land is home to 34 million persons

90% live within 100 miles of the border

and the remaining 10%

have all moved to Florida.

And into war we so rarely delve

we don’t spend so much on ships and tanks

we did win the War of 1812

but don’t tell the Yanks.

William Lyon MacKenzie King was a mad hatter

for 22 years he held the P.M.’s post.

Nuts, when he decided a national matter

he would first have a meeting with his dead dog’s ghost.

The P.M. gets elected with 38% of votes

and our senate is not elected, they are appointed.

We have a Queen, she’s born to be on the twenty dollar notes

we’re lead by these strangers and we wonder why we’re disappointed

by a government most of us didn’t vote for

by a government run by corporate puppets

who speak for the rich when we want to help the poor

it’s like surfing for porn and getting the Muppets.

But, we have got free health care and look, we are so proud

why don’t the USA, it makes you wonder, but,

here, rich or poor, sick or shot, all of us are allowed

take a number, they’ll get to you when your number’s up.

Oh, Canada, you’re a great place to live, wonderful to die

and at least dying’s free and easier than comedy

patriotism’s following orders blind, not asking why

keeping the electorate from voting is the key.


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